From a humble beginning as a pearl-diving center in the Arabian Gulf Region, Dubai transformed into one of the fastest and most successful cities around the world with a growing and diverse economy. Dubai offers an easy entry to many of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies.

Today, Dubai is the one of the top tourism destinations. The city is best known as a trade and logistics hub. It provides different activities and operations such as: banking and finance, information and communication technology, tourism and real estate, and international trade.

Dubai provides great opportunities for doing business because of its growing population, increasing e-commerce activities and growth in number of domestic and international businesses. Demand for high-end products is constantly increasing. A lot of opportunities for greater export are available as well as establishing export businesses. The import duties are low and products are exempted for taxation.

As a tax-free jurisdiction for international business and banking, Dubai is suitable to start all forms of companies. For this reason, Dubai company registration, corporate and personal banking options are more popular with international businesses and high net worth individuals.

At Dubai, you will experience topnotch and classy means of transportation, for example: airports, seaports, metro railway, tramways, public buses and taxis. The city lets you take advantage of a first class lifestyle such as: hotels, shopping center and medical centers. Dubai has a very exciting and festive calendar that includes: international sporting events, shopping and entertainment festivals, music events and cultural programs held at different indoor and outdoor venues throughout the year.