Competent Professional Services

The concept of a Business Center is to allow clients to do business in a cooperative environment without having fixed monthly overhead. By eliminating distractions and time consuming business decisions such as office administration and equipment leases, clients can work more efficiently and profitably than if they were in traditional office space.

How can we help you?

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“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tucson Business Center for the great service rendered to me and my company and in particular Mss Eunice, who has been since years giving me 100% trustful assistance on all levels. I highly recommend Tucson Business Center to anyone who wants to start a new business or relocate an existing business in a top location in Dubai !”

Barbara Andrea Giuseppe
CEO, Delcroix & Associates

Skilled Support Staff

We offer a wealth of outsourced services from receptionists, secretarial and administration, personal assistants, legal advice and IT support, thus, leave you free to devote more time to growing your business.

Reception Service

We will provide you with an unbranded reception service that will answer your calls in your company name and handle it your way. We either track them to your office or have them registered at our company voice mail in a professional and friendly manner.

Internet Connection

Wi-Fi Internet connections and cables are provided with great customer service in all our meeting rooms. We will supply you with a constant IP Address to support your corporate network needs. Our local support team will ensure fast and secure Internet access so your meetings and presentations will go according to your plans.

Printers & Faxes

Great high end printers and photocopiers are accessible to provide your needs for best quality documents.

Audiovisual & Conferencing

Our boardrooms will provide you with an interactive projector screen to deliver your presentation in a broad and professional essence. Conferencing phones are also available for larger and direct teleconferencing.