Established in 1971, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) borders The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to The West, Oman to The East, The Arabian Gulf and The Gulf of Oman. The country has over 1,000 kilometers of coast line.

The UAE culture is a typical example of the traditional Arab and Bedouin culture. In contrast, Dubai City is a Cosmopolitan society with various vibrant cultures. The influence of Arab culture on its architecture, music, clothes, food and lifestyle are very prominent as well.

Dubai is one of the 7 Emirates that make up the country of UAE. It is the 2nd largest Emirate, after Abu Dhabi, the capital, located on the Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the Southwest corner of the Arabian Gulf.

Dubai had been a trading post and a meeting point for: South Asia, Iran, the Arab world and Africa for hundreds of years. The city is home to over 200 nationalities.

A decade ago the sand of Dubai was the ruler of the Emirate located on the edge of the Arabian Desert with no obvious natural advantages. Nowadays, Dubai is one of the wonders of the modern world. The sand has been dethroned by the grand futuristic skyscrapers and the exclusive comfy villas that are scattered around the coastline.

Dubai owes this drastic change to the vision of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed who strongly believed in his scheme to turn his country to become the center of International Trade and Tourism. (Or, “to turn his country and place it at the center of International Trade and Tourism.”)

Dubai offers a relaxed, pleasant and sophisticated lifestyle. The city is a safe haven for a secure environment, great accommodation and a range of various leisure activities.

The Emirate of Dubai prides itself for its business-friendly policies. Always a trading society, it carried that trading spirit to the modern world. Thus, the Emirate attracted foreign businesses and investments through free-trade zones, zero income tax and VAT; and a favorable corporate taxation policy.

Dubai holds the record of being an outstanding host of world-class business events. It is known as a city of business, entrepreneurship, debate, and a meeting point for the innovative industry. It projects various competitive characteristics such as: a leading international center for business, commerce, industry and tourism. The workforce at Dubai is highly effective and diverse. The government continues to invest in strategic infrastructure and transportation projects to ensure economic growth in the future.